Feb 11/02:

Canada's Kevin Martin

U.S. Skip Tim Somerville

U.S. Second Myles Brundidge

Scottish Second Ewen MacDonald

Scottish Skip Hammy McMillan


 Feb 13/02:

U.S. Third Mike Schneeberger (L) & Second Myles Brundidge sweep a rock.

 Feb 15/02:

Great Britain's Norman Brown follows the path of his rock

Germany's Sebastian Stock reacts after a missed shot

 Feb 16/02:

Finland's Markku Uusipaavalniemi ponders what to do with Sweden lying seven!

Sweden draws for six as Markku manages to cut him down to 5

 Feb 18/02:

Norwegian Third Lars Vågberg keeps a close eye on the house

 Feb 20/02:

Canadian Third Don Walchuk

Norway's Pål Trulsen

Swedish Skip Peja Lindholm


 Feb 22/02:

Canadian Skip Kevin Martin

Another shot of Canada's Kevin Martin

Norway's Pål Trulsen celebrates Gold Medal victory

Another shot of Trulsen celebrating Gold!

Norwegian Men celebrate Gold Medal victory

Swiss Skip Andreas Schwaller

Swiss Men celebrate Bronze Medal victory over Sweden

Swedish Second Magnus Swartling

Swedish Skip Peja Lindholm slides all the way down the ice and places his stone on the button...

...and then celebrates to great applause


 Feb 11/02:

Norway's Dordi Nordby

 Feb 12/02:

Scottish Lead Janice Rankin

Scottish Third Debbie Knox

 Feb 13/02:

Great Britain's Fiona MacDonald (Second) releases her rock.

 Feb 14/02:

Canadian Skip Kelley Law sports a Valentine's Day heart on her cheek

U.S. Lead Ann Swisshelm prepares to deliver a stone

Great Britain's Debbie McCormick (Third) studies the house

 Feb 15/02:

Canada's Julie Skinner yells to her teammates


 Feb 16/02:

Swedish Lead Elisabeth Persson

U.S. Skip Kari Ericksen

Kelley Law watches Diane Nelson & Julie Skinner sweep


 Feb 18/02:

Norway's Dordi Nordby celebrates after making her shot

Swiss Skip Luzia Ebnöther delivers her stone

Canada's Kelley Law yells to her teammates to sweep


 Feb 19/02:

Britain's Debbie Knox yells to sweepers

Britain's Fiona MacDonald delivers her rock

 Feb 20/02:

Britain's Rhona Martin

Switzerland's Tanya Frei, Luzia Ebnöther & Mirjam Ott

Swiss Third Mirjam Ott & Lead Laurence Bidaud

Americans Stacey Liapis & Kari Erickson