Feb 10/98: Canada's Mike Harris in action vs. the U.S.
 Feb 11/98: Canadian Skip Mike Harris calls the line as Collin Mitchell & George Karrys sweep.
 Feb 13/98: Canada's George Karrys and Richard Hart sweep a stone as Norway's Jan Thoresen looks on.
 Feb 14/98: Mike Harris releases  a stone in the Semi-Final game vs. the U.S.
  American Skip Tim Somerville shouts instructions to the sweepers during their victory over Japan...
  ...the result of which is seen here.
 Feb 15/98: Norwegian Third Jan Thoresen raises his arms in victory in the Bronze Medal game.
  American Third Mike Peplinski reacts after a missed shot.
  Swiss Men in action in Men's Gold Medal Final.
  Swiss Skip Patrick Huerlimann is lifted in celebration by his teammates.
  Canadian Silver
 Feb 9/98: Canada's Sandra Schmirler releases a stone.
  U.S. Skip Lisa Schoenberg watches intently as Sandra Schmirler yells instructions.
 Feb 13/98: Canadian Skip Sandra Schmirler in action against Germany.
  German Skip Andrea Schöpp  shouts instructions to Lead Heike Wielaender.
 Feb 14/98: Lead Marcia Gudereit, left, and Second Joan McCusker sweep Sandra Schmirler's stone in Semi-Final action.
  Canadian Third Jan Betker signals Semi-Final victory.
  Canadian curlers Sandra Schmirler and Marcia Gudereit embrace after defeating Great Britain in the Semi-Finals.
  Britain's Katie Loudon and Jackie Lockart sweep a stone into the house in Semi-Final action vs. Canada.
 Feb 15/98: Danish Skip Helena Blach Lavrsen watches her teammates sweep a stone as Canada's Sandra Schmirler looks on.
  Danish Skip Helena Blach Lavrsen calls to her teammates after releasing her stone.
  Denmark's Dorthe Holm & Trine Qvist sweep a stone.
  Canadian Second Joan McCusker gets set to release the stone in the gold medal curling match against Denmark.
  Canadian Gold